New York County Lawyers Association


TGD was asked to evaluate the existing logo and perceived value of the NYCLA brand. We produced surveys and audits of their communication items and methods and provided recommendations for a reorganization and rebranding of the association to be more accessible to younger lawyers in the county. The new design is simple but recognizable, meeting the desired requirements of the board and key stakeholders. The application of the brand included extending the design to the marketing of products and services offered by NYCLA. TGD designed secondary logos and templates to make maintaining the consistency easier for their small marketing staff.

TGD was also asked to redesign the NYCLA website using the formatting and reorganization of content we recommended, which allows for a functional and assessable site for members and the community.

NYCLA - Call Out

We are a large association, and like all professional associations, we were at a crossroads with our brand and identity. Although we are very focused on our Members and have done numerous surveys to better understand their needs, I found the analysis done by TGD to be absolutely instrumental to our efforts. 

Their ability to draw intelligence from both research AND metrics enables us to understand the differences between “what members say” and “what members actually do”, giving us very actionable ideas and strategies. The audit enabled TGD to come back with the right recommendations for our brand and website. 

—Toni Valenti, NYCLA