Unity Website Redesign

Unity needed to modernize and rebuild its digital presence—improve engagement and offer readers a better way to explore and discover content.

Our solution was a complete overhaul. We revamped Unity’s website in its entirety—using the spirit and integrity of Unity’s mission to reimagine the user experience. We refined and modernized the brand application, laid the groundwork for improved site architecture and UX, and unified three separate sites under one URL. More still, we built the new website leveraging a cutting-edge development framework that allows for a more dynamic experience for site visitors.

Our efforts culminated in a web experience as beautiful as it is robust. Tens of thousands of articles, podcasts, and publications from years past are once again being enjoyed by Unity readers.

Unity Website Redesign
Unity Website Redesign Mockup


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Before the Redesign
Unity Website Before the Redesign
Unity Website Before the Redesign
After the Redesign – Home Page Detail
Unity Website Redesign Detail
Topic Menu Flyout
Unity Website Redesign Menu
English and Spanish Versions for All Content
Unity Website Redesign Daily Word
Unity Website Redesign Podcasts
Unity Website Redesign Spanish
Unity Website Redesign Gratitude