Real Leaders Magazine


The business to business to consumer publication needed an assessment and audit to continue to promote sustainable businesses and to attract newsstand purchases.

Following a business assessment and collection of user data, TGD produced a communication audit of the publication and its supportive products. TGD recommended a complete reimagining and redesign of the magazine and an expansion/update of its corporate brand, including application to secondary products/services to build awareness of the publication and its platform.

For the publication, we created a focused content format by limiting features and adding departments and columns. We updated the masthead and cover treatment for newsstand recognition, updated internal icons, and redesigned the internal pages while maintaining the overall style approach of the editor. Finally, we produced a style guide and provided files for reproduction, branded products and services, social media applications, and advertising formats. To clarify the publication’s content as it relates to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we built a magazine within the publication that grouped all stories relates to SDGs together and provided links and iconography to identify UN goals with each article.