Oakwood Worldwide


Oakwood Corporate Housing approached TGD to update and reassess their overall brand platform. After complete an intense audit of their national and international communications we worked with them to develop a complete brand application. The initial step was to change their corporate name to Oakwood Worldwide and establish the secondary brand offerings which included 10 additional brands from Corporate Housing toServices and Location Specific properties. We then a rebranded of the organization, positioning it for future global growth and product extensions.

TGD built a visual identity to helped solidify Oakwood's leadership position in the industry and simplify the ability of each location to maintain a united brand using manuals, and supplied tools for marketing including ads, collateral and internal room displays. No longer a series of disconnected brands that often confused their audiences, Oakwood was able to clearly and concisely market their properties and all of their offerings. Our over ten year relationship with Oakwood, allowed us to not only help in solving existing problems, but to also support them as new plans were unveiled. Headquartered in Los Angles, our relationship ended once a compete in-house marketing staff was in place using the tools we developed.