NAFME Teaching Music


Teaching Music, the flagship publication of NAfME had become somewhat stagnate and predictable. Ad sales had dropped off and the membership didn’t find the publication to be a useful resource or representative of their day-to day teaching needs or experiences. TGD along with our editor and sales partner Kató Media Services, and printer Walsworth, set out to create a new publication that would be supportive and provide real value to teachers of music. Following an in-depth assessment including interviews and surveys along with a detailed communication audit that allowed us to become familiar with all the products and services NAfME offered their members, TGD and Kató reimagined the entire publication, creating new departments and bucket areas to provide targeted content to multiple disciplines and grade level readers. The new content is designed to provide insight on specific issues happening in today’s classroom, guidance and lesson using the NAfME National Standards and to speak music teacher’s needs.

Deliverables include assessment, audit, new content flow and creation, new design and production for both Teaching Music magazine and Standards Supplements, editorial management and content development, ad sales, printing and distribution. TGD acts as project manager and supports our partners and NAfME.