TGD worked with Woodward Health Group, PLLC, a team of licensed, board-certified doctors, nurses and pharmacists, to create a new brand for their online personalized assistance and services website. The site helps patients take control of their health and that of their families while receiving advice and clarification from the Woodward team.

TGD began with a naming process to establish the product site. The name MedVisors summarizes the purpose of the site to provide advice from various doctors into a concise and up-to-date action plan with recommendations specific to the patient. . We then built a logo to represent the intent and value of the product including all the messaging and content for the product site. We produced a number of videos defining the product and tutoring patient members on how to use the site. Next we produced numerous collateral and marketing material to attract and educate prospects.

At the same time we were designing and developing the MedVisors site, which is built using the Drupal CMS, and is heavily customized to support separate staff, administrator, along with customer views and tasks. The site is fully compliant with HIPAA standards and built with a security in mind to ensure safe storage and communication of sensitive health information. This allows for access to private medical information, by both the patient and any health care provider to whom the patient grants access.