Having too much of a good thing is not often a problem, but it was for Idealliance. Years of mergers with other associations had left their programs muddled and their members confused. As the association for professionals in the visual communications industry, it was particularly important for Idealliance to uphold their brand and present their products and services in an organized manner to recapture their audience and build awareness of their products and services.

Through an extensive assessment and audit of more than thirty products and services, TGD developed a solid branding strategy, which identified audience segments and prepared the organization for global growth by building equity in the Idealliance brand. Reaching out to survey members and customers were at the forefront of the approach while establishing the organization as an authority in the industry.

To help Idealliance communicate with its external audiences, TGD developed the “big word” campaign, which included an identity manual, brand user guidelines to regulate and encourage certification and accreditation accomplishments, membership promotional materials and microsite, redesign and production of publication, email templates and scheduling, main website reformatting and redesign, and digital and print awareness advertisements.