The Association of Clinical Research Professionals


Named after a widely-known position in the clinical trial industry a decade ago, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals’ journal, Monitor, had grown comfortable with an outdated design that lacked industry-relevant imagery and failed to attract new readers and advertisers.

TGD spearheaded an in-depth study to identify a renewed purpose, perception and value for the publication. As part of the redesign process, which included a secondary color bar complimentary to the association’s color palette. Special attention was given to elevating and complimenting the editorial tone of the journal and providing structure and organization to a confusing mix of articles and house ads, including a peer-reviewed feature, three features offering continuing education credit, advice columns, professional development announcements, information on certification activities and association and chapter news.

In addition to revamping the cover design strategy with concept-based and human-centric imagery for the journal, the title was also changed to Clinical Researcher, abandoning a reference to a job title that is not currently used in the field. Additionally, efforts were made to incorporate the association’s educational tools and resources into the editorial flow.