Advanced Solutions International


ASI serves nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide. When the time came to announce their new product, iMIS20 Engagement Management System (EMS), they turned to TGD to develop not only a new brand logo and promotional campaign, but to also rebrand the entire corporation. The campaign uses multiple channels to spread the word and reintroduce the product to the market.

ASI - Logo

ASi Tagline

Experience the power of one.

iMIS Tagline

One system engages everyone.

Advanced Solutions International

ASI - Logo Animation

Staying #1

ASI was the first group to market directly to associations and iMIS20 is a singular solution. Our new branding helps them flaunt it... subliminally.

Advanced Solutions International

ASI - Video

Promotional Campaign

Using a multichannel approach, TGD created campaign elements

Targeting the developers, this promotional video was presented at the ASI Innovations conference.

ASI - Iconography


A visual language for communicating the new brand was established, including an icon system that can be used to support ASI’s mission across all media platforms.

Advanced Solutions International

ASI - Website

Website Design and Implementation

Using our newly acquired knowledge of iMIS20 we designed and developed the new ASI site using the RiSE CMS to integrate the new brand.

As an Authorized iMIS Consultant, TGD works with iMIS developers and users to assess and design sites.

Advanced Solutions International