AABB Opinion Donor


At the crossroads of change, AABB grappled with preparing for its future while understanding its member needs and challenges. As a member organization, AABB wanted to use member input as the foundation for its strategic initiative.
Capitalizing on the excitement of the annual conference, attendees were invited to be “Opinion Donors” and openly discuss what they like or dislike about AABB products and services. TGD helped to capture their comments through one-on-one interviews in an area in the convention center designated as the Opinion Donor Lounge, as well as a room for recorded private interviews. Also, a graphic recorder was onsite to visually capture opinions throughout the three-day event.
It was important for members to understand why AABB was asking for their opinion, and pivotal for the success of the initiative for members to be on board with the change of direction for their professional association. Through the overwhelming participation of AABB members, it was evident that the initiative was well-received by the membership. TGD helped to spark enthusiasm for the initiative through signage, a compelling video showcased at the opening ceremony, a rewards program, and onsite marketing staff support.

AABB - Opinion Donor - Video 1


We rebranded the AABB Annual Meeting a few years ago and continue to assist them with conference promotion pieces from print to digital and video. The Opinion Donor series was part of a larger initiative to engage their membership in a dialogue about the organization's future. It was unveiled at their 2018 Annual Meeting.